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zen-garden You can live a life now which is harmonious, joyful, fulfilled and abundant.  These books are a guide to help you to understand and respond to your unique opportunities and challenges with abundance, joy, grace and equanimity. We are living in times of historic changes on this planet that create huge challenges and opportunities for us individually and collectively. Gregg Braden in his brilliant book Fractal Time, explains why the era we are now entering will likely produce more changes and opportunities than all the changes that have happened in the past 26,000 years. 

These changes are “bottom up” changes that we will create on an individual and collective basis. They are unprecedented in scope and nature and will directly or indirectly benefit every person and institution; religions, businesses, nonprofits, government units including education, military, and prisons. Individually and collectively, we have created and experienced much pain and difficulty. We must make radical changes to avoid repeating these past patterns which have caused so many unnecessary problems, traumas and deaths including serious damage to our precious planet. 

In order to do so, we must now fully heal our past traumas, change our limiting and conflicting beliefs, and help each other more completely.  Consciously or unconsciously choosing not to do so may make it literally unbearable for you to continue to live on this Earth.  If you want to transform, flow and progress with these changes more easily, it's essential to heal and resolve your emotional and physical baggage from this lifetime as well as  from ancestral and past life issues. The ideas, techniques and strategies in these books will make this process much easier and quicker for you.

All of the books in the Zen Book Series are interrelated. For example, for a person to be prosperous financially needs to be excellent in starting and building relationships in a loving and powerful way.  This includes even konwing how to end some relationships gracefully and lovingly.  All of this and more is covered in these books.

The Zen of Personal FinanceThe Zen of Personal Finance

This book provides many practical, “outside the box” perspectives and strategies that you can immediately use to easily increase your earned income... Read More

The Zen of AbundanceThe Zen of Abundance

Abundance and joy are inherent in your true nature and in the basic nature of the universe, yet you may be disconnected from it. Zen Buddhist masters... Read More

The Zen of RelationshipsThe Zen of Relationships

Few things in life are as vital as learning the art of starting, building, and when beneficial, ending relationships with love and grace.  This includes relationships... Read More

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