About the Author

Donald Simon

I have been on a remarkably wonderful journey in life that has taught me much and inspired me to create  a life of abundance. When I say abundance, first I mean experiencing a loving relationship with God, family, friends and myself.  Secondly, I have created enough financial abundance to provide for me and my family, as well as to be able to give of my time and money to charities that are making remarkable differences for this planet and its inhabitants, such as the Nature Conservancy, the International Dark Sky Association, Acumen Fund, Haiti Clinic, Common Passion and Solar Cookers International.

Because of the way I was raised,  I have developed a world view and focus that is harmonius unifying and loving.  I also have an eclectic background as both a healer and financial advisor for a very diverse mix of businesses, non profits, government units as well as individuals and families.  For the past six years I have been honored to help heal over 1,000 people through Theta Healing.  When I told a very wise woman, Karen Talcott, that I was writing The Zen of Abundance she said to me “Don, you know a lot of people want to live joyful, abundant lives yet they are carrying so much present and past trauma that they need to heal and release, including limiting and conflicting beliefs.  Why don’t learn about Theta Healing?” I looked into it and it totally resonated with me, so I took the basic training and three advanced courses with two powerful wise ladies, Janis Ericson and Cheryl Sullivan; they are mother and daughter (Janis).  I am blessed.

I am also a Core Team Member of CommonPassion.org, led by Joseph Giove, an extremely wise and loving man.  CommonPassion.org’s mission is to raise us, individually and collectively, into unity consciousness vs. the energies of fear and separation which we have experienced on this planet for too long.  

 I envision a future of unity, hope and positive transformation.  We are now being called to create that future, individually and collectively.  Join me on this remarkable journey that is wonderful beyond even beyond what we can now imagine.  Yet it is often not easy to be on this planet now during this period of immense transformation and rebirth. Just like during the birth of a child, there is pain as well as the experience of great joy.  The great news is that it is easier than ever to create positive, loving changes within and around us…..IF we first heal ourselves in all respects, and let go of our limiting and conflicting beliefs.  The intention of the Zen Book Series is to show you how to make this process easy for you now.