Huge crises create huge personal opportunities

The Chinese symbol for crises is the same symbol that is used for opportunity. Often, the large the crisis the larger the opportunity, both individually and collectively.  I will share a story to help make my point.  Some years ago I was with a lady who told me that in the prior two years, her spouse died, her child died and her Mother died as well as two of her best friends. When I told her how sorry I was for her, she said it was difficult at first. Then one day she had a realization that the absence of these people freed up a huge amount of time that she previously put into communicating and helping them. Next she started taking art courses she always wanted to do and started doing volunteer work that was extremely important to her.  Her work also benefited hundreds of people as a result.

On a larger scale, did you know that 1/2 of all Fortune 500 companies were started during serious economic downturns.  Individuals saw problems around them and created solutions to those problems and then organized businesses around those solutions.  Many of these businesses were started from people’s homes.  This includes simple and low budget businesses such as window washing and lawn cutting. I know two brothers who started cutting lawns in their neighborhood and now have a business with over $4 million in annual sales. They did so by hiring others and adding other landscaping services.  Right now is a wonderful time to encourage others and also collaborate with them to create these businesses. A majority of them provide a vast array of services to individuals and small businesses.  Full details with a step by step explanation are one chapter in The Zen of Personal Finance book.