Law of Attraction potential and limitations

The Law of Attraction says that each thought and feeling you create has a unique energy vibration frequency.  You are like a magnet that attracts whatever you focus upon.  You can find this type of thought in ancient Hindu scriptures and in the teachings of Jesus. The Law of Attraction will not work if:

(1) you are consciously or subconsciously blocking what you desire,

(2) you send conflicting signals,

(3) your energy vibrational frequency is significantly different than that which you desire or

(4) the highest good for all involved is different from that which you desire.

The Law of Attraction also ignores five other key factors that I discuss in detail in my book The Zen of Abundance.  It is easier than ever to manifest that which you desire now in every aspect of your life.  The essential keys are to always have unlimited compassion for yourself and others and to heal past traumas and current situations.  You will learn how to do this in the books in the Zen Book Series, shown on this website.