The Zen of Abundance

The Zen of AbundanceCOMING SOON!

Abundance and joy are inherent in your true nature and in the basic nature of the universe, yet you may be disconnected from it.  Zen Buddhist masters train to be fully engaged, alive and joyful in the present moment. This book integrates powerful ancient Zen concepts to provide you powerful, practical, easy to use strategies that will easily enable you to be able to  experience joy and abundance in all aspects of your life now. This includes the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual aspects.  Here you’ll clearly learn to live and experience your connection with our Creator.  This will enable you to easily identify, understand and engage with your life’s purpose.  You will also learn:

  (1) how to heal effects that current and old traumas are likely still affecting you. This includes past life and ancestral issues, which are stored in your DNA and cellular memory, and

(2) how to release limiting and conflicting beliefs.  As you begin to apply these ideas, concepts and strategies, you’ll immediately feel more resilient, fulfilled, energetic, effective, relaxed and joyful.

The author, Donald J. Simon is an Advanced Certified Theta Healer as well as a Certified Financial Planner for a extremely diverse group of individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.