The Zen of Relationships

The Zen of RelationshipsCOMING SOON!

Few things in life are as vital as learning the art of starting, building, and when beneficial, ending relationships with love and grace.  This includes relationships with your spouse or partner, family members, business associates, friends, neighbors and others whom you interact with in your life. 

Though perhaps not obvious, in each moment that you relate to others through your  words and actions, your relationship with them is becoming stronger or conversely, worse and weaker.  For example, sometimes when you try to help another person, you may actually make your relationship worse by enabling bad or abusive behavior.  Also, sometimes when you try to get closer to another person, you may actually push them farther away.  In this book you will learn ways to easily be immediately more effective in all of your relationships !

This book will provide you the tools to help you and others in each precious moment.  

 The author, Donald J. Simon, is an Advanced Certified Theta Healer as well as a Certified Financial Planner to an extremely diverse group of individuals and organizations.  You will likely be referring back to this timeless book for relationship guidance for years to come.